Options for Gospel Patronage

Your support will make a tremendous difference: helping to start people on a lifetime journey of gospel ministry.

Gospel patrons receive regular prayer information, resources to think through a life of generosity, and it would be our privilege to speak with you directly to the effect that GPS is having around Australia.

The Gospel Patrons Society has committed to an annual budget of $AUD400,000 to support the MTS tax-deductible scholarship fund, with some allocation toward the operational costs of MTS.


GPS encourages Patrons to support the ministry of MTS both long-term as well as meeting immediate financial needs.

 GPS long-term Patronage

The Ministry Training Strategy is a long term transformational word based ministry. Therefore, we encourage people to partner with us in this long-term strategic work.

Can you prayerfully consider what part you might play?

 While any level of support is welcome, we offer these levels as a suggested guide to your involvement, in terms of the size of your pledge, and the length of commitment.




$20,000 x 10 years: equivalent to supporting 4 apprenticeships per year.



$10,000 x 10 years 



$5,000 x 5 years



$3,000 x 3 years


My Pledge

Details of your pledge will be sent to our support co-ordinator, who will be in touch with your Donor ID and the bank details to which your tax-deductible support can be deposited.

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The level of support to which you can commit.